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What’s up in Utrecht?

Today two years ago we officially launched our city guide. We launched the Facebook page and informed you about what’s happening in Utrecht. From today on we’ll be taking it to another level. Wondering what going on in Utrecht? From now on you can read our bi-weekly online magazine packed with up-to-date info on that’s hot and happening in Utrecht. From the newest shops and most interesting (new) local entrepreneurs to upcoming events and tips from locals. This year Utrecht will host some huge events and we expect a lot of tourists coming over thanks to numerous articles about Utrecht the last couple of months. Lonely Planet, BBC and CNN, The Guardian (twice) have named Utrecht as a one of the world’s undiscovered cities you should definitely visit, so we expect a lot of people to do so.



Utrecht has proven itself to be a thriving city with new shops and businesses popping up like mushrooms. In order to keep U up to date with the newest developments we’ll be highlighting a couple of these newcomers every two weeks. So, who’s new in town? Which stores have opened their doors for U?


A little bit of the old, a little bit of the new. This shop-in-shop offers a great selection of vintage clothing, interior design, accessories, jewelry and art. This cosy little shop is a great addition to the Telingstraat, which is going through a major transformation with more and more independent shops popping up there. Just behind Neude square and Stadhuisplein this spot is definitely a mandatory place to visit. They feature products from the likes of Fem+ Vintage, All things by Femme, Oma’s United, Tas by as, Lilly & Friends, By Lizzy, Putting on the Ritz, Chokers, Zeevonk, and CLUSE.

Get to know them >>>

Who: JUT & JUL
Where: Telingstraat 11
When: Wo/ We – Zo/ Su


Chances are you’ve seen their infamous UTCA 030 t-shirts around town ’cause it’s hard to miss it. Last year they have sky rocketed! From a simple Utrecht t-shirt brand with an online shop and a few small local resellers, to a deal with local football club FC Utrecht, a couple of shirt collaborations and features in numerous videos. Joyce & Soleil are now taking it to yet another level by opening their own place: Hunted Streetwear Boutique! The fulfillment of a deeply cherished wish. The shops opens it’s doors this Saturday, so you could be one of the first to visit this new outlet for menswear, featuring brands like Laser Barcelona, Tees, Good Worth & Co., I Love Ugly and their own brands Hunted and Utca’s Finest.

Here’s more >>>

Who: Hunted Streetwear Boutique
Where: Kintgenshaven 1a
When: Ma/ Mon – Zo/Su


These shops have been around for quite some time. Well respected businesses that have been responsible for the rise of interest in the city of Utrecht and made it special, since they’re only here in our lovely city. To pay respect to them, we’ll be highlighting a couple of them in each edition of the magazine. With all these new shops and businesses popping up, we should not forget these pioneers!


Utrechts first concept store is housing a shoe shop, clothing shop and a hairdresser. Located at the front of the ever thriving Voorstraat, this shop has a great reputation when it comes to co-organizing events for the street. This surely is your one stop shop if you’re looking for a new you. Walk out a different person with new shoes, a new outfit and your hair freshly cut.
The type of clothes range from classy looks to more street/ urban styles with brands like Nümph, ICHI, Anerkjendt, Solid, Pointer and Clae.

Find out for yourself >>>

Who: Revenge
Where: Voorstraat 6
When: Ma/ Mo – Zo/ Su*
*First and last Sunday of the month

Café De Zaak

Now while we’re at it, let us talk about another business that introduced something new. The first bar that introduced the BYO concept in Utrecht. BYO? Yeah Bring Your Own. If you’d like a lunch at Café De Zaak, bring your own. Want to have dinner there? Sure, no problem, bring your own. Ok, it has it’s limits since you need to get your drinks at the bar. Not only do they offer a wide range of drinks, they have their own beers on tap. So be sure to try a Oorzaak (Cause) or Pure Noodzaak (Pure necessity). Café De Zaak has been named one (if not the) terrace with a biggest amount of sun hours in Spring and Summer. So looking for a great place to catch some rays, you now know where to go.

Need more convincing? >>>

Who: Café De Zaak
Where: Korte Minrebroederstraat 9
When: Ma/ Mo – Zo/ Su


With so many hotspot areas around it’s hard to decide where to go. So we’re introducing a walk or area for you to visit. Easy does it. We use a theme, a special occasion or upcoming district to help you discover the real Utrecht. Yeah, that’s right, no store chains here just independent businesses. A great way to discover the city.


Once this area wasn’t more than a canal, one or two restaurants and a couple of other businesses. Let’s just say, all fun stopped at the end of Ledig Erf especially in the evening. Now with the new Station Vaartse Rijn almost finished more and more businesses find their way to the Oosterkade and Westerkade and you can spend a whole day there. Drink a great cup of coffee, enjoy a fabulous lunch, get dressed, attend performances. And dinner… well let’s just say you will definitely find something you like.

GOEDE VRIJDAG – Oosterkade 1
This coffee bar and mini shop has a nice little surprise in store for you. And with little we mean small, and with small we mean REAL small. Their basement is the smallest music venue of the city, with room for about 25 people and a stage that measures about 2 to 3 square meters. If you can get your hands on a ticket for one of their gigs, consider yourself one lucky b*&$#^&

BROEI – Oosterkade 24
A great place to get your breakfast or lunch with mainly locally produced ingredients. Enjoy it with some organic drinks or a local beer. They have VandeStreek, Maximus and Deleckere beers and they’re nice and cold. Once in a while you can enjoy a dinner and performance combination offering you a great meal accompanied by poetry or story telling called “Gesproken woord” (it’s in Dutch).

KEUKEN Restaurant & Deli – Oosterkade 30
With mostly organic food from local businesses they’ll cook up a great dinner for you to have in the lovely setting of their restaurant. Feel more like enjoying a dinner at home, no sweat, you can take it out as well. Great meats, cheeses and fish.

DRUK – Westerkade 30
This old printing office is now home to a couple of great creative businesses like (graphic) designers, coffee brewers, soapmakers and of course the first clothing library of The Netherlands. Subscribe to the library and lend some of the clothes for a couple of weeks. Not sure what to choose, enjoy a coffee at Koffie Leute to buy yourself some time and maybe find out what creative workshops by Urlaub you’d like to attend.

Although not a shop to visit, this place should definitely be mentioned. From a small soap maker (for men) in Utrecht to a internationally selling company in just over a year. What an epic story this man can tell you. All products are handmade. The soaps and beard products are produced in the basement. Use DAMN GOOD SOAP COMPANY and you can walk the street of Utrecht like a proper man and do EPIC stuff. As featured on our website!

We’ll be highlighting some of these businesses in more detail in one of our next editions.


So what’s up in the city of Utrecht? Any local events coming up, something going on that doesn’t reach mainstream media outlets or a secret performance only we know about… Let’s see what you could have missed out on. We’re highlighting some of the events from the coming two weeks that we think should receive some extra attention.

Tuesday, Jan 27th 2015
A surprise movie night organized at venue and rehearsal studio complex dB’s by Bazen van de Wereld (Bosses of the World). They will not tell you what they’ll be screening, but you can be sure it will involve music in one way or another. (€ 5,-)

Thursday, Jan 29th 2015
Are you organizing small or large events you will need a proper safety plan for this. But where do you start? What problems could you be facing? Asking yourself these questions? This night, organized by Utrechts Verbond, is for you! (FREE)

Friday, Jan 30th 2015
CreativeMornings Utrecht – Frans van Ditzhuijzen @IndeRuimte
CreativeMornings is a breakfast lecture series for the creative community.
The free, monthly events feature a short talk and breakfast! This months theme is UGLY. Frans will talk about construction site tourism concept: Park 2030.

Staplab & Stathe presenteren: Sandyland
Bar/ Restaurant & Venue Stathe works together with music platform Staplab to bring you great music in an intimate setting. This week Sandyland, which music is described as a combination of Californian surf and Coldplay. Free entrance!

Sat, Jan 31st & Su, Feb 1st 2015
Still short on money after last months holidays? No worries, you can probably find a couple of great scores at the Stock & Sample Sale in Voorstraat. 12 shops will clean out their basements for you to dig up some great stuff for a great price.

Sun, Feb 1st 2015
THE ARCTIC MARCH, THE STORY! @ Metaalkathedraal
Bernice Notenboom will talk about her arctic march, one (if not the) toughest expeditions on our planet. A talk about focus, persistence and how to deal with failure.

Wed, 4th Feb 2015
Stukafest Utrecht
Great intimate performances in student residencies. See artists up close and personal in this great event all through Utrecht.

Thu, 5th Feb – Su, 8th Feb 2015
24uur LiveBuild #5 (Lustrum editie!)
3 days packed with events to raise money for water projects in Cameroon. This is what 24uur LiveBuild is all about. From pop-up events and the temporary art shop to lectures and lots of in-store performances. Check out their website for all info.
U ARE HERE magazine has worked closely with LiveBuild to set up the in-store day on Saturday 7th.

Sun, 8th Feb 2015
Launch online webshop Chia D.N.A.
After her move from Taiwan to study arts in Utrecht, Yu-Chia decided to set up her own business in 2D/3D design. Her products have already been available at Spring Stores in Utrecht and she’ll be selling at De Kast in March. Today she’ll be displaying and selling her designer products at Theemsdreef 382 to celebrate the launch of the webshop.


Every Monday we show you some of the coolest jobs on offer in Utrecht. From internships, work experience positions to paid fulltime and parttime jobs. Are you looking for a job, a great new challenge, a way to spend more time helping out others? Check out what’s on offer. Here’s MONDAY: JOB OFFER DAY.

Stadscafé Broers is looking for a cook.

Stadskasteel Oudaen has a couple of job offers.

Theater Utrecht has two internships on offer.

Restaurant LE:EN is looking for bar and kitchen staff

Universiteitsmuseum has jobs openings and internships available

KEUKEN Restaurant & Deli is looking for a dishwasher and sous chef.

Wijnbar VinVin is looking for staff with expertise in wine.

French restaurant De Keuken van Gastmaal is looking for staff

Are you looking for staff for your business, let us know!
Send us an e-mail and tell us. We’ll be happy to pass on the info on (the next) MONDAY: JOB OFFER DAY

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