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Utrecht clothing brands

These brands each offer shirts with a close connection to the city of Utrecht. Some more obvious than others, but they can all proudly say it’s “MADE IN UTRECHT”. So if you’re looking for Utrecht apparel be sure to check out these brands and show you love for the city through fashion.

Aperçu Apparel
Each shirt tells a different story accompanied by unique designs to illustrate the story. Designed in Utrecht.

Apercu Apparel
Image from: Aperçu Apparel Lookbook

Support Your Locals
Showcasing some of the well known homeless people that walk the city of Utrecht on their shirts, Support Your Locals raises money and donates it to shelters in the city.

Support Your Locals in Made in Utrecht
Image from: Support Your Locals webshop

Utca’s Finest
Their slogan says it all: “For Utrecht, from Utrecht”. If you love the city, you can show your love by wearing their shirts.

Utca's Finest in Made in Utrecht
Images from: Utca’s Finest Webshop

Utrecht Shirts by De Katoenfabriek
Being amongst the first to produce Utrecht shirts, Katoenfabriek offers both their own designs as well as designs by others (through their annual design competition).

Utrechtshirts in Made in Utrecht
Images from: Utrecht Shirts webshop