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Tasty locally produced food

Utrecht is full of weekly & monthly markets offering locally produces food. From the tastiest veggies to juicy fruits. Markets like De Streekmarkt (monthly) en Biologische Boerenmarkt (every Friday). But there’s more…

This traditional Utrecht liver sausage is a well known favorite in (but also around) Utrecht. A real treat for the connoisseur. Widely available and served in many traditional pubs.
Utrecht Food Vocking Worst image credits: Vocking Worst website

Designed by DOMVORM CREATIVE STUDIO this Dom-shaped mold is available in a cake version and bread version. Your favorite recipe turned into our famous Dom tower, ready to be served. Eet smakelijk!

Utrecht Food Domvormimage credits: Domvorm website

MESJOKKE by Chocolate Explorers
Chocolate from Utrecht? You’re damn right. Chocolate Explorers imports the finest beans from all over the world to produce their direct-trade bean-to-bar chocolate.

Utrecht Food Mesjokkeimage credits: Choxplore website