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Skateboard City!

In a city with a couple of outdoor skateparks and a huge indoor skatevenue (Skatepark Utrecht) and a lot of asphalted roads it’s not a surprise a couple of skateboard companies are here to help you fulfill your needs.

Falus Skateboarding
There’s guys are commonly know as the enfants terrible of the Dutch Skateboard scene. With events like “Worst Trick Contest” and “Super NK” they have truly earned their place. Clothes, boards, beenies… Check out their collection!
image credits: Falus Skateboarding website

Woody Skateboards
“Bring the wood back to the streets” is taken in the most literal way. These tradional skateboards are made from Utrecht trees that have been taken down for various reasons. At the Tafelboom studio, where all the wood is gathered, Woody carefully transforms the wood into gorgeous boards and brings them back to where they belong.

image credits: Website Woody Skateboards

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